2019 Tauber Awards

Sandra Kaye Tauber and Arthur Tauber Scholar/Athlete Awards announced
ponsored by Mepham graduates Art Tauber (1954) and Sandy Tauber (1955), these $2,500 awards were presented for the first time at Senior Awards Night held in the Mepham auditorium on June 11, 2019. The initial winners, who were selected by a Mepham faculty committee, are graduating seniors Anna Zomback and Brendan Moehringer. Criteria for the award include a minimum 85 grade point average, participation in a varsity athletic program, and an interest in pursuing a business-oriented career.

Anna Zomback - During her four years at Mepham Anna participated as a member of soccer, cross country, and track teams. She served as Class Treasurer, National Honor Society Treasurer, and editor of the HS newspaper. Her passion has been to be a leader and a valued teammate in both her athletic pursuits and service activities. Anna stated that having had a job since she was 14 years old, whether it involved serving Italian ices or waitressing, was very important in developing her independence, sense of responsibility, and shaping the person she has become. Anna will be furthering her studies in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. She's not sure which aspect of business she'll pursue, but as she noted "…it will be the one in which I am able to be a leader, with a team, and be creative."

Brendan Moehringer - During his first mile run as a freshman, Brendan, who admitted he wasn't very fast, clocked a 7:18 minute mile. In his senior year he had reduced his time to a very fine 4:29 mile, a result of self-motivation for improvement and a desire to help the track team in whatever way possible. He felt lucky in his four years as a cross country and track athlete at Mepham to have his brother on the track team for his first two years, and his sister on the team during his final two years. He also credited his coaches and teammates in shaping him as a person. A serious student, Brendan helped classmates with any work with which they were struggling in the school's homework support program. In recognition of his achievements in a wide range of academic and club/organization activities at Mepham he was inducted into the National Honor Society, the Math Honor Society, the Science Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and the English Honor Society. Brendan will attend Washington & Lee University, where he is strongly considering majoring in finance to prepare for a career in that field, and he will continue his running career.





2019 Recipients of the Tauber Awards:

  • Anna Zomback
  • Brendan Moehringer