School Tour

Photos by Linda Ferrigno.
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Left to Right: Barbara Florshak, Bob Hulahan, Frank Gobetz, Al Haggerty, Principal Harrington, Bob Ferrigno and Bill Hall.

Visiting Mepham again ...

The rain couldn't keep us away!
As classmates trickled in to the west parking lot, the Mepham football team was lined up, waiting to be bused to a game in Wantagh. And then our group was off to view our alma mater again, starting with the:

  • west cafeteria on the first floor in the "new" rear wing
  • atrium garden formed by three-story addition to the rear of the school
  • new choir wing (first floor -- east side)
  • refurbished library and adjacent study area (third floor)
  • rotunda
  • gym
  • wrestling room.

Presenting Class of '54 Appreciation Plaque to Carol. (Thanks everyone!)
Left to Right: Bob Ferrigno, Bill Hall, Carol O'Keefe House, Al Haggerty and Lance Blackshaw.

Lance Blackshaw and Bill Sandie.

Visiting the refurbished Mepham Library; looking south.
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School Library, listening to Mepham school guide.

Left: Linda Ferrigno conversing with Mepham Pirate. :-) and Joan Dodd at the printer. Above: Entrance to new Choir wing.

Mepham student tour guide addressing our class in Choir Room


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