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Our 40th Reunion — September 18, 1994
Over 125 joined together for a fun and classy evening of good food, dancing and non-stop conversation. Many alums flew in the night before and had a "kickoff get-together" at the Island Inn. Jean Ahlers Witzel threw a "warm up reunion" of Merrick Grammar grads on Saturday afternnoon. Of course, everyone crashed the party! Sunday morning, an intrepid group of forty-five showed up for brunch at the Jones Beach Central Mall. Ah, the beach! And, of course, it didn't end there, as out-of-towners were not so easily discouraged from milking out every last ounce of togetherness—pizza, TGIFs, house parties, walks 'n talks.

Here are some photos. If you have any pics from past reunions, e-mail me at cbhouse@aol.com for snail mail address, and I'll be glad to add them! Digitized photo files are welcome. Be patient for the download; there are a number of pics.

John Bloore, Bill Waples, Ken Fisher, Maggie Fisher, Marty Lavanhar, Caroline Lavanhar, and Carole Dorsa.


Carole Dorsa, Barbara Lubert Brienze, Judy Mohr Macias and Rosemary McQuade Jarvie.


Jim Paladino and sister Frances Paladino


Gloria McKenny McAteer, Norma Gieseking Knettel, Jean Harwood Davidson



George Munnich, Marty Lavanhar, Bill Waples, Ken Fisher


Roger Mansell '53 and Heather Brayshaw Senft

Don Lyons and wife Joyce Weinman Lyons, Bill Sandie. Willie Traynor in background on left.

Jim Schmalenberger, Trudy DelVecchio Schmalenberger and Joan Dodd Haffner

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