Some Historical Photos

From Warren Wissemann's Collection

Cammann's Pond
in Merrick.

Photo taken looking south from Merrick Road.

Photo: 1951

Church of the Redeemer in Merrick (Episcopal)

(On Merrick Avenue, opposite Cure of Ars Church)

Photo: 1963

Merrick Library

(Corner of Merrick and Kirkwood Avenues.)

This building is still standing. It survived a fire within the last few years. A newer, state-of-the art library has been constructed north of this on Merrick Avenue.
Photo circa 1940s.

Hewlett Home

Photo (1963) of 1687 Hewlett homestead (around three acres), on the northeast corner of Merrick Avenue and Merrick Road. House torn down a couple of weeks later.

The house remained in the Hewlett family until 1963, when the land was sold for development. Stores and homes now occupy the area.


Roland Chatterton School

(Corner Merrick Ave. and Smith Street)

Photo circa 1950