Pictures of the Year


Bill Hall scored a Hole-in-One playing golf on Sunday, June 7, folks!

Eighth hole, par three..155 yards.

Our happy golfer's advice: "you have to hit a perfect shot and then have a bit of luck."

Way to go Bill!


Winter in Middleburgh, New York ... Toni Elling

Mr. Wissemann Builds a Snowman. :-)

"Our recent winter visitor, the snowman, has died. I was backing our car out of the driveway on my way to feed a herd of horses (Merry's) when I noticed that the snowman was leaning like the fabled tower of Pisa so I stopped to look. As I did, he suddenly fell sideways with his hat falling to the sidewalk with one arm and a glove falling nearby. There was nothing I could do. The temperature is almost 60 degrees, so that is the most likely cause of his demise.

We wanted to have a funeral on Saturday (allowing 2 days to mourn) but the weatherman forecasts 70-75 degrees for the next 2 or 3 days. There will be nothing left to mourn never mind to bury.

He left no heirs." Sniff.

Summer in Fincastle, Virginia ... Warren Wissemann
Buddleia and Butterfly friend


Pick your own.


  Cascades of Roses

Christmas in Fincastle, Virginia ...Warren Wissemann

Warren's house at ChristmasChristmas at the Wissemann's

A welcoming holiday front door and lavishly decorated tree, which includes a six-inch yellow glass Kugel along with two other Kugels that have been on their family Christmas trees for the last 114 years.