2020 Mark Mobius Cultural Art Awards
Grace Bayer and Kiera Rupp receive $10,000 scholarships at Mepham Senior Awards Night


Two graduating Mepham seniors, Grace Bayer and Kiera Rupp, were each presented with a $10,000 Mobius Arts Scholarship (MAS) at Senior Awards Night, held virtually this year and broadcast on June 4. You may view the entire ceremony on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/Kj3F3ltmjKo (Our presentations are at the 25 and 27 minute mark.)

These awards, sponsored by 1954 classmate Dr. Mark Mobius, were selected by a committee of eight Mepham alumni, which included four members of the Class of' '54, to recognize outstanding achievements in the fields of the literary, performing, and visual arts.

Grace Bayer: Grace's passion and career ambition from an early age has been to be a computer animation artist. This fall she will be majoring in computer animation/storyboarding at the Ringling College of Art and Design, whose undergraduate program in this field is ranked is #1 nationally. One of her HS art teachers noted that Grace has taken nearly every art course that was available both inside and outside Mepham's walls, and that in addition to her HS courses, her studies also have included participating and excelling in summer workshops under the auspices of the California Institute the Arts and the Savannah College of Art and Design, which respectively are nationally rated the #2 and #3 programs in computer animation studies. As a senior, Grace undertook a remote internship with professional award-winning director, storyboard artist, and designer Douglas Einar Olsen to broaden her knowledge of the computer animation industry. An inductee into the National Art Honor Society she was cited for her leadership this year in drafting and delivering the speech and presenting the ceremony theme. Grace's references from Mepham's Art and English Departments stated she is an extremely bright, gifted and diligent student, and a kind and genuine young woman with a big heart. Additionally, it was noted that her writing is floral and captures scenes the way her sketchbook does, and from a faculty member who has been a long-time art teacher, "Grace is easily the most dedicated, driven, thoughtful and talented artist to pass through my classroom doors".

Kiera Rupp: Kiera's Mobius Arts Scholarship application commenced with reflections of and appreciation for her HS art experiences. She said (paraphrased), that when she reached high school, Mepham's art program was better than could be imagined, and that she was grateful to be a part of a uniquely magnificent art program with the best art teachers she could ever ask for. Kiera obviously took advantage of the quality art education she received, noting she was inducted into the National Art Honor Society as a junior and has been the recipient of the All-County Art Supervisors Award two years in a row, where her winning piece was showcased. This year, she was awarded a scholarship by the organization. Described as dedicated, industrious, humble, kind, mature, confident, talented, responsible, grounded, determined to learn and succeed, and eager to grow as an artist, Kiera recently started a series of portraits where it's noted she has immense patience and drive that allows her to stay with challenging subject matter and capture the likeness and spirit of her subjects. She also has been touted for her multiple community service activities ranging from working with service dogs to Habitat for Humanity. Kiera's career goal is to become an interior designer and business owner. As such, she will major in business at the University of Tennessee (UT), while minoring in UT's excellent interior architecture and design program. Kiera desires a career which involves art, believing that interior design provides an opportunity to utilize art training to creatively think outside the box and visualize and make your work aesthetically pleasing.



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The application process and criteria for the 2020 awards were noted in an announcement, which was made available to Mepham seniors and faculty in November of the 2019 -20 school year.

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