2018 Mark Mobius Awards
Angela Arnone, Julia Linekin and Filip Shamis receive $10,000 scholarships/grant at Mepham Awards Ceremony

Julia Linekin (MAS), Filip Shamis (MEG), Angela Arnone (MAS) and Dr. Mark Mobius. Photo by Paul Mobius '49


In 2018, classmate Mark Mobius initiated the Mobius Entrepreneurship Grant (MEG) awards program, in addition the Mobius Arts Scholarship (MAS) awards program which had been started in 2017.

Each scholarship/grant is a $10,000 award presented to a graduating Mepham senior. While the MAS awards reflected Mark's interest in assisting students seeking further education and training in the literary, performing and visual arts, he also believed it was important to encourage and support students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and careers, either within or outside of the confines of formal higher education activities. Below are profiles of the 2018 winners.

Angela Arnone (MAS recipient): Angela will be attending the highly regarded Savannah College of Art and Design and majoring in animation. She stated that the program there will provide her not only with the experience she needs to understand what it takes to work in the animation industry not only from creating a compelling story viewpoint, but also in learning other skills such as time management and public speaking. Angela has watched and continues to view countless Disney films, and has spent many 'leisure' hours researching human anatomy, color theory, and facial expressions. Prior to graduating from Mepham she took pre-college courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology and figure drawing at Adelphi University. The portfolio Angela presented in her application show strong artistic ability in a variety of visual arts media formats. Her references all spoke of a young woman, who is an excellent student and member of the National Honor Society, having talent, multiple interests, an eagerness to learn, leading to a willingness to take strenuous academic loads. An interesting indicator of her eclecticism was a Mepham faculty member who cited that Angela was one of the all-time best advanced placement (AP) chemistry she had ever encountered in her 30 years of teaching the subject, Angela will use her MAS award to offset college tuition costs.

Julia Linekin (MAS recipient): Julia will enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall with the intents of majoring in the Computer Animation and Interactive Media Program with aspirations of one day seeing her designs and creations in films and magazines and on TV. At an early age Julia was captured by art and design, wanting to be in succession an interior designer, a fashion designer, and now a graphic/motion graphics designer. Her experiences to date have been varied: pre-college classes at FIT, internships at Runway Couture and DCOY Studios in NYC where she has shadowed and learned from CGI, photography, retouching, and animation/video production artists. Currently, she is selling prom dresses! Accepted into the Student Art League as a 6th grader, Julia has ventured into classes like studio art, draw and paint, photography and creative suite throughout her four years at Mepham. Furthermore, she's a National Honor Society Inductee, was chosen as an All County Artist, and was the winner of the Cultural Arts Competition in her district. Julia intends to divide her MAS award nearly equally between tuition costs and visual technology equipment and supplies.

Filip Shamis (MEG recipient): Throughout his senior year at Mepham Filip currently has an up and running business, Silver-Needle, which is an e-commerce website with a unique and fashionable product line that consists of rare and investment-worthy fashion items. By providing a special selection of goods, fashion fans and collectors from around the world have easy access to hard-to-find items, which he has already found, primarily via the internet, and warehoused. His products are authenticated and selected to have unique properties that make them specifically appealing to fashion insiders. For an item to be sold in Silver Needle's e-Store it must meet at least one of the following criteria: (1) designed by a well-known fashion designer, (2) worn by a celebrity, (3) worn in news and advertisement photo, (4) a runway piece, (5) a limited edition/sample item, and (6) holds significant cultural value. Filip's application for the MEG award essentially consisted of an extensive business/marketing plan/prospectus addressing the MEG application criteria. Suffice it say that he already is netting a rather healthy profit. Filip will continue development of marketing and warehousing plans for business expansion purposes, and he intends to move to NYC in the fall to engage in international business and fashion studies. His MEG award will be invested in the growth of his Silver-Needle enterprise.



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Awards Process
The application process and criteria for the MAS and MEG awards are noted in the MAS and MEG announcements which were made available to Mepham seniors in early 2018.

<Click to read announcements.

The received MAS and MEG applications were sent to Selection Committees that had been assembled to judge applicants in each awards category.

Members of the MAS group were '54 class members Lance Blackshaw, Bill Hall, Carol O'Keefe House plus Mepham alums Nan Dedrick ('50), Tom Durand ('83) and Laura Stein ('84).

MEG review team membership consisted of classmates Bob Ferrigno, Al Haggerty and Mark Mobius, plus Mepham alum Paul Mobius ('49).

Winners were selected by Selection Committee member consensus, with recipients' names subsequently submitted Mepham Assistant Principal Dr. Jennifer Carne, who has so ably assisted us throughout the Mobius Awards programs.

Selection Committee Members Needed:

This year, with two different Mobius awards to be made, more Selection Committee members were needed. We were fortunate to have the services of four individuals who were Mepham alums, but not classmates. As time passes, and given the ages of '54 class members, we'll need to recruit additional reviewers.

If you would like to participate on a Selection Committee, or know of people, most desirably from other Mepham classes, who might wish to do so, please contact Lance Blackshaw (mollance@msn.com) for MAS awards or Al Haggerty (allenhaggerty@msn.com) for MEG awards. If Mark desires to add some degree of perpetuity to his awards programs, a new cohort of Selection Committee will be essential. Thanks.