Mark Mobius: Who's Who 2017 Recipient

DR. MARK MOBIUS has had an outstanding career in the world of global finance. His professional accomplishments as an investment manager, advisor and author have been recognized internationally by both his peers and experts in the financial field. He represents a true Mepham graduate success story.

'Mark, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, has spent more than 40 years working in emerging markets all over the world. He joined Franklin Templeton in 1987 as President of the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Inc.' In this capacity he directed more than 50 analysts based in Templeton's 18 emerging market offices and managed over 50 billion US dollars in managed assets in the emerging markets portfolios.

Prior to joining Templeton, he was President of International Investment trust Company Ltd., Taiwan's first and largest investment management firm.

Mark previously had served as a director at Vickers da Costa, an international securities firm. He started that firm's Hong Kong office in 1980, and then moved to Taiwan to open an office and to direct operations in India, Thailand, the Philippines and Korea.

Before joining Vickers he operated his own consulting firm in Hong Kong for ten years and was a research scientist for Monsanto Overseas Enterprises Company in Hong Kong and the American Institute for Research in Korea and Thailand.

As result of his experiences and accomplishments in the fields of emerging markets and international finance, Mark was appointed Joint Chairman of the World Bank and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Global Corporate Governance Forum's Investor Responsibility Taskforce in 1999.

Education and Professional Training:

  • Undergraduate School: Boston University - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing (1958)
  • Graduate Schools: Boston University - Master of Science in Mass Communications (1959; Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Ph.D. in Economics and Political Science (1964)
  • Other (Postgraduate Education and Training): University of Wisconsin Political Science and Social Psychology (1959-1960); Brookings Institute - Visiting Scholar (1960); Syracuse University - Carnegie Foundation Overseas Training Program (1960); Kyoto University - Institute for Humanistic Studies (1960-1961); University of New Mexico - Psychology (1961)


  • Trading with China (1973)
  • The Investor's Guide to Emerging Markets (1994)
  • Mobius on Emerging Markets (1995; 1996 - second edition)
  • Passport to Profits: Why the Next Investment Windfalls Will Be Found Abroad—and How to Grab Your Share (1999) - US version; (1999) - UK version; (2012 - 2nd edition)
  • Equities - An Introduction to the Core Concepts (2007)
  • Mutual Funds - An Introduction to the Core Concepts (2007)
  • Mark Mobius - An Illustrated Biography of the Father of Emerging Market Funds (2007)
  • Foreign Exchange - An Introduction to the Core Concepts (2009)
  • Bonds - An Introduction to the Core Concepts (2012)
  • The Little Book of Emerging Markets (2012)

Honors and Awards:

  • 2011: "50 Most Influential People" by Bloomberg Markets magazine.
  • 2010: "2010 Africa Investor Index Series Awards" by African Investor.
  • 2006: Named by Asiamoney magazine in 2006 as one of their "Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential People." Asiamoney said, he (Mark) "... boasts one of the highest profiles of any investor in the region and is regarded by many in the financial industry as one of the most successful emerging markets investors over the last 20 years. Despite tough times during the financial crisis nine years ago, he still commands a strong following in the investment world and is influencing the direction of billions of investment dollars."
  • 2001: Awarded "Emerging Markets Equity Manager of the Year 2001" by International Money Marketing in the United Kingdom.
  • 1999: Named one of the "Ten Top Money Managers of the 20th Century" in a survey by the Carson Group, a leading global capital markets intelligence consulting firm.
  • 1998: Named the "Number One Global Emerging Market Fund" in the 1998 Reuters Survey.
  • 1994: Named "1994 First in Business Money Manager of the Year" by CNBC.
  • 1993: Awarded the "Closed-End Fund Manager of the Year" by Morningstar in the United States.
  • 1992: Named "Investment Trust Manager of the Year 1992" by The Sunday Telegraph in the United Kingdom.

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Mobius luncheon with scholarship winners.
Accepting the award for Mark was his brother Paul, center. Classmates Malcolm Jardine and Lance Blackshaw (left and right) joined in the celebration.