Class of 1954 Library Memorial Fund

$1954+$3300 Donated to Mepham Library In 2018

THIS PAST APRIL, Dr, Lance Blackshaw met with Principal Eric Gomez and Librarian Shari Stack and presented our annual Class of 1954 Library Fund donation. An additional contribution of $3300 has been made by classmate Dr. Mark Mobius which created a "reading nook" in the Library:

Spearheaded by Bob "Vince" Ferrigno in 2015, the Mepham High School Class of 1954 Library Memorial Fund was established "to honor our fellow classmates and the many individuals in the Mepham community who have so positively impacted our lives." Since then, our class has continued to make annual donations of $1954. You may contribute towards this award. See below.

The funds have been utilized for books and other equipment that the staff felt were needed, Some examples of previous donations have been:

  • Six iPad Airs. Each iPad is engraved, "Gifted to Mepham High School by the Class of 1954"
  • Six MacLocks, rotating and tilting iPad enclosures, along with six stools for added student seating
  • Creation of an IPad Reference Bar
  • "MakerSpace," a DIY creation area for students to gather, build, invent and learn."

Thank you
to all our donors
who have so generously donated
to the library fund!

This will be a continuing annual award, and if you wish to contribute, contact Bob Ferrigno at

2015 First Library Fund Donation ... $5400
Marie Netto (English Chairperson), Mike Harrington (Principal), Shari Stack (Library Media Specialist), William Hall ('54), Barbara Carr Floryshak, ('54), Lance Blackshaw('54), and Marla Gellerman (Library Clerk).
Photo courtesy of Mepham

Memorial Plaque:
See below f
or the Memorial Plaque presented to Mepham in the fall of 2015. It is located in the Library entrance.

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Class of 1954 Library Memorial Plaque
Photo and Plaque by Lance Blackshaw