Some photos from Al Haggerty

Skydiving 2011

Left: Al with skydiving instructor.

For his 75th birthday, Al and son Ken did some fancy skydiing. in Eloy, AZ, about an hour south of Phoenix. They were trained, briefed and then "boarded a Twin Otter aircraft, took off and climbed to 13,000, where we took 'one big step out the aircraft' and did a 10,000 ft. 'free fall,' pulling the rip cord at 2500 ft. Absolutely awesome!! A photographer jumped with us and took a bunch of photos; with me doing the 'thumbs up' while hurtling down at 170 mph. I guess I never got over not flying in the Navy!"

Statue of Liberty . Al HaggertyBrooklyn Bridge . Al Haggerty

Summer Sail ... 2009...

Al and wife Iris made a memorable sail in summer 2009 from Mystic, along the Long Island Sound, through Hell Gate, under the Brooklyn Bridge, around the Statue of Liberty and up the Hudson River for a short way..Al's cutter-rigged sloop, Plane to Sea, below.

Plane to Sea . Al Haggerty
Photo Credits: Al Haggerty

Telluride, Colorado . Al Haggerty

Skiing Fun!

Al spent the MLK 2009 weekend at Telluride,CO skiing as chaperone with his Church group. This picture was taken at 11,850 ft. Way to go Al!



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