Elementary school photos:
North Bellmore, Bellmore, North Merrick, Merrick (1), Merrick (2), St. Barnabas.


Live Surf Cams
Got a few minutes to spare and want to see our local beaches? Check out these web cams:
Gilgo Beach

Southhampton (Cooper's Beach) Great streaming cam.

Class News

2021 - Latest news ... click here


$25,000 awarded by our class
he following scholarships were announced at the 2020 Mepham virtual Senior Awards event, which was broadcast on June 4, 2020. You may view the entire ceremony on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/Kj3F3ltmjKo
(Our presentations are at the 25 and 27 minute mark.)

  • Mobius Arts Scholarships
    $20,000 awarded:

    Sponsored by our classmate, Dr. Mark Mobius, two $10,000 Mobius Arts Scholarships were awarded to Grace Bayer and Kiera Rupp.
    Click here for further information about Grace and Kiera.
  • Tauber Scholar/Athlete Awards
    $5000 awarded:
    Sponsored by Sandra Kaye Tauber '55 and Arthur Tauber '54, two awards of $2500 each were awarded to two seniors ... one male and one female student, chosen by Mepham faculty/staff members.
    The winners are: Julianne Erhard and Golan Franco.
    Click here for more information

Class of 54 Library Projects

$1954 donated to Mepham Library
A check for $1954 was delivered to Librarian Shari Stack and Principal Eric Gomez in early June and is designated towards books and equipment. Last year, our $6500 donation purchased three televisions, which "will be able to run slideshows of what's happening around the school, news reports, inauguations and other major world events."

  • Click here to read more here about our project, see photos, and a drone video of the new reading nook, courtesy of Dr. Mark Mobius. And as a bonus: a YouTube video of the library itself.
  • Donations towards our goal of $7000 to coincide with our 70th reunion are being accepted by Bob "Vince" Ferrigno at vincef369@gmail.com.

Thank you!
A big round of applause to Bob "Vince" Ferrigno, Lance Blackshaw and Bill Hall for footing the cost of our web site this year


$45,000 awarded by our class

The following scholarships and grants were awarded at the annual Mepham High School Awards ceremony held on June 11, 2019 in the Mepham Auditorium.

  • Mobius Scholarships and Grants
    $40,000 awarded:

    Sponsored by our classmate, Dr. Mark Mobius, two $10,000 Mobius Arts Scholarships and two $10,000 Mobius Entrepreneurial Grants were awarded to four seniors.
    The winners were:
  • Tauber Scholar/Athlete Awards
    $5000 awarded:
    Sponsored by Sandra Kaye Tauber '55 and Arthur Tauber '54, two awards of $2500 each were awarded to two seniors ... one male and one female student, chosen by Mepham faculty/staff members.
    The winners were:
    Anna Zomback and Brendan Moehringer.

Class of 54 Library Projects

$6500 donated to Mepham Library
Several members of our class presented the Class of 1954 Memorial Library Fund donation to Mepham Librarian Shari Stack on June 10, 2019.

Read more here about the project and see photos and a drone video of the new reading nook, courtesy of Dr. Mark Mobius. And as a bonus: a YouTube video of the library itself.


Who's Who 2018 Award
A committee of the W.C. Mepham High School Alumni Association has selected classmate Jerry Manne as one of the 2018 Who's Who inductees.He joins seven other 1954 classmates who have been recipients of this award, which honors those who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and outstanding contributions to the welfare of mankind.

Jerry is being honored both for his outstanding career in investments and commodities trading, primarily as a full member for the past 50 years of the prestigious Chicago Board of Trade, and his Chicago area and world-wide advocacy for, and significant contributions to, animal conservation of endangered species. A trustee of the renowned Chicago Zoological Society since 1979, Jerry and his wife Sandy have been recognized and received awards for their public service on behalf of animal conservation causes.

He was honored at the Alumni Association annual Who's Who Awards luncheon on April 29 at the Nook restaurant in Wantagh.
More details about Jerry can be read here. A list of all previous 1954 Who's Who recipients can be read here.

Mobius Scholarships and Grant
$30,000 awarded at 2018 Mepham Awards ceremony

Sponsored by our classmate, Dr. Mark Mobius, two $10,000 Mobius Arts Scholarships and a $10,000 Mobius Entrepreneurial Grant were awarded to three seniors at the annual Mepham High School Awards ceremony, which was held on May 31, 2018. The winners are:

More information:


Who's Who 2017 Award
Mark Mobius
has been inducted into Mepham's Who's Who at a ceremony held on April 30, 2017 at the annual Alumni Association Spring Luncheon. He joins other 1954 classmates who have been recipients of this award, which honors those who have made significant accomplishments in their fields of work and outstanding contributions to the welfare of mankind.

Mark Mobius Arts Scholarships
Two $10,000 awards presented at June 2017 ceremony

Dr. Mark Mobius has established two arts scholarships for Mepham seniors. Click here for full details and the award winners.

Click here for photos and news of luncheon with Mark and scholarship winners Helena Bradley and Immanuel Mellis.

2010 - 2014 News Archives:

Joe and Joyce Zanchelli - we've received a very nice note from our Class Advistor and his wife: "Joyce and I would like to thank Al Haggerty, Carol O'Keefe House and the Reunion Committee for inviting us as the guests of the class of 1954's 60th reunion. It was so wonderful to see our 77 and 78 year old former students having such a great time together. Never did I think sixty years ago that Joyce and I would be on the dance floor with you. It was such a fun, happy, emotional event for us. The reunion committee did a fabulous job in putting the program together. It should be retained for the 65th! Thank you, class of 1954, our favorite class, for your generosity and caring. You are the greatest!"

Ken and Maggie Fischer. "We are both well and enjoying our four young grandchildren who live near. We celebrated Maggie’s birthday in Myrtle Beach, SC with POW friends. I shot my age on the golf course so it was a great trip. Hope to see everyone at the reunion next year." (Click photo for larger image.)

Al Haggerty, Frank Gobetz and their wives attended their 55th college reunion at Princeton, New Jersey. Click here for a photo of Al skydiving for his 75th birthday!

Martin Lavanhar -- Martin, wife Caroline and son Derek have built ten schools in Mayan villages of Guatemala since 2006 as part of the family's Sienna Project. Please see what the Sienna Project is doing by going to their web site: http://siennaproject.org and Click here for many photos and text of the 2011 project ....by Tom Hart, Marty's stepson. To see some of Martin's cartoons from one of trips to South Africa: Click here.

A toast to Bob "Vince" Ferrigno at Le Foret in New Orleans in Septembe 201. Bob has sold his Florida business (Snowbird Environmental Systems) and officially retired in March of 2014. Great job, Bob!

Click here for more photos.

Ed Judice: Ed's creative photography was seen on his beautifully-designed web site: edwardjudicephoto.com. Galleries included examples of commercial, fine art, and other photographs. You will have enjoyed reading his biography and remember THE PHOTO, chosen by Polaroid and placed in every major camera store in America. Ed was principal photographer for Disney's Family Fun magazine for over sixteen years. His work has been seen on numerous magazine covers and in scores of articles. Ed has donated a large collection of his photographs and several video documentaries to the University of Massachusetts Library. Click here to view the Edward Judice Photograph Collection 1973-2010.

Dick Beckmann stopped by Warren Wissemann's Virginia home on his way back from Florida this past month ... and they both hiked another section of the Appalachian Trail. That's an annual trek that they've been doing since Warren moved to VA. Rock on guys!

Jack Skelly was the subject of an article in the Feb 20 issue of Bellmore Life. The newspaper has been featuring local prominent residents and businessmen. Jack and wife Valerie were owners of J.E.S. Printing in our community for many years.

Chike Dyott recently sent in a football photo, circa 1950-51. Recognize those fellows? Click here.

Richard Greaves -- Just a few words to wish you all the best in 2013. All's well with us, the kiddos and grandkiddos. Mary Ann and I still split our time between the flatlands of the Fort Worth, Texas area, and our cabin in the mountains of New Mexico. With so much to see in this wonderful country of ours, we're still doing a lot of four-wheeling around it, with trips this past year to Montana, Virginia, Kentucky and Colorado. We've been going to Hawaii yearly also, to beach away the winter doldrums. Here's wishing you all a wonderful New Year, with good health, happy smiles, safe miles and much contentment. Photo: click here.

Ron and Norma Gieseking Knettel -- enjoying retirement in southern Connecticut.

Mepham wrestling -- Check out the Mepham Alumni Association's wrestling page for memories, past coaches, past champions and those Mepham Alumni and Coaches who have been inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (includes George Munnich.

2011 and older Class News:

Frank Gobetz and Barbara Hoff were married last December 18, 2010, at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in South Windsor, CT. Barbara is a 1974 graduate of Mt Holyoke College and has a graduate degree from the University of Chicago .Both of us had been widowed, so the marriage is the second time around for each. We met at St. Peter's, and were engaged for about a year before the wedding. Barbara works at a bank software company. Click here for large image and also photo of Lance and Molly Dedrick Blackshaw, who attended the wedding.

Toni Elling and daughter Elizabeth Cerutti were featured in the May/June issue of Victoria magazine under "Entrepreneurial Women" with their candied flowers business, Meadowsweets. Toni's upstate property was also the subject of a watercolor workshop this past fall. Sadly, Toni passed away on July 29 of 2011..

Isabel Ramel:
Former Mepham speech and drama teacher, Isabel Ramel passed away on April 23, 2011. Obituary in
Newsday. A condolence Guest Book is included.


Joe and Elaine Troup are proud Great Grandparents this past year. Congrats!

Carolyn Summers Herrera toured Germany this past summer. Photo page soon available.

Bill Hall and wife Joan toured Sequoia, Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks this past fall. Looking forward to new golf season, too!

Al Haggerty and wife Iris have moved permanently to Arizona this past year. They had been spending summers in scenic Mystic. We know he misses his cutter-rigged sloop, It's Plane to Sea.

Dave Chasin and wife Marilyn recently moved to the eastern end of Long Island. Enjoy the community and the beautiful countryside folks!

Harvey Poppel is our latest class inductee into Mepham's Who Who ( May 2, 2010 awards ceremony at the school.) You may view Harvey's bio, which is on the Mepham Alumni Association's web site: http://www.mepham.org/whos2010.html#Poppel and which appeared in the Who's Who awards brochure. A listing of our Who's Who awardees from our class can be viewed here:

Lucille Longo Sanchez enjoys living in Hobe Sound, FL. Tells us they've been there since 1994 and prior to that lived down in Coral Springs, FL since 1978. "We're practically "natives." Lots of nice people, lots of Bridge players and lots of doctors conveniently located!!"

Chike Dyott still plays softball in three leagues per week and is on a traveling tournament team that plays around the western states. Then there're overseas tours like Cuba and Europe. He travels to Taiwan for their national senior softball championships and plays in the All-Japan National Championships, as well, where we hear their banquets are superb (especially sake!. ;-)

Toni Elling and her candied flower company, Meadowsweets, took part in the Nantucket Garden Festival July 22-24, 2010. Toni was featured on a Japanese version of The Today Show a few years ago.

Marge Meurn Broderick has moved to new digs in California ... loves the weather and plays lots of golf. Will be visiting Connecticut in June to attend her granddaughter's college graduatiion. Times flies!


Bill Hall hit a Hole-in-One on June 7, folks. Eighth hole, 155 yards. Click here for photo Congrats Bill!. He gave up golfing, flyfishing and gardening, though, for a couple of visits to Italy and France with his wife and friends. Viva gelato, vino and Tuscany! Favorite places were the pastel-colored town of Burano, an island off Venice, the Rue Cler in Paris, and the beautiful French city of Arles. They became acquainted with a French couple who owned the Arles hotel they stayed at. "That real interaction with them and getting to know them and their six-year old twins were real human interest moments.that will outlast any photos." Click here to visit a page of photos.

Al Haggerty is in Arizona for the winter months; he and Iris have moved from their condo to a home in their community. Still spend summers in Connecticut. Has sailed on his cutter-rigged sloop to Maine, Martha's Vineyard and a 'lifetime" wish trip to NYC. Check Al's photo page for some photos of his sailing and other adventures. Photo left of a recent skiing trip in Telluride, Colorado. Way to go Al!


2006 News:

Elaine Ferber Feldman has moved full-time to Florida.

Jack Skelly was off to Alaska this summer, visiting daughter and all important fishing. Will then be traveling to Ireland with son Jonathan....visiting all the relatives.

Al and Iris Haggerty have moved into more spacious quarters in their winter home in Scottsdale and will be spending the summer in Mystic.

Lance And Molly Dedrick Blackshaw: Has retired and moved to Maine; winters in Florida. Lance is now the Executive Director of the Bagaduce Music Lending Library in Blue Hill, ME. " I really was retired (for less than a year), but it didn't last long. However, I don't expect to be at the Library forever...more like working with the organization in the short term to help with planning, facilities, and fundraising issues."

Tony Kurdsjuk has recently published "The Long Walk Home with Miracles Along the Way." Story of history and persecution in Russia and his family's trek to USA.


Carolyn Summers Herrera recently returned to her Florida home after an RV trip to ...... Hurricane did minimal damage. Flo Wright is back dancing again after a successful knee replacement operation. Allen Haggerty traveled to Belfast Ireland to give an aeronaturical lecture for MIT at Queens University. Toured a "bit of Ireland." Been sailing this month out of his summer home in Mystic.

Marty Lavanhar took some dramatic photos of The Gates exhibit in Central Park in February '05; click here to view pictures.

A very colorful exhibit by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Charlie Frank recently restored a number of photos from Merrick Elementary School days. Click here to view.


Mepham Maine Mini-Reunion: Lance and Molly Dedrick Blackshaw hosted a get together at their summer home in Maine in July. We understand Lance makes terrific Lobster rolls! Jean Ahlers Witzel and husband Tom, Al and Iris Haggerty, Audrey Wildner Sears and husband and Ray, Frank Gobetz, Ellie LiPetri Boyer, Siggie Dieken and daughter Lauren, and Chike Dyott stopped by.

Long Island Film Festival now held in Bellmore annually!

Sad News:
We are saddened to report the passing of our classmates: John D'Amico (12-2-2000). Tom Leyland (February 2005);.James M. Meyer (March 2005)

You Gotta Start Off Each Day with a Laugh!

For all those who've seen Marty Lavanhar's cartoons in the reunion yearbook, here are his latest, inspired by a visit he and wife Caroline made to Tanzania, Africa. Click here.

Our East Coast was really socked with a huge snow storm the weekend of January 22-23. Marty's cartoon says it all!

2004 News:

Joe Zanchelli: Joyce and I were thrilled to be a part of the 50th reunion of the great Mepham Class of '54. What a wonderful evening! To be with so many of our former students whom we haven't seen for 50 years was such an emotional experience. We were able to get "caught up" with some of you but not nearly enough of you. Time just ran out.
We want to thank Al Haggerty, Carol O'Keefe House and the rest of the reunion committee for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with our favorite class. We enjoyed it so much.
The reunion committee did a fabulous job and their work will be difficult to match for the next reunion.
Best wishes to the Class of '54. We think you're the greatest!

John Bloore has moved from Virginia in September 2001 and relocated near their daughter and family in Little Rock, Arkansas. He retired mid 2002 and has been doing a good deal of traveling both in the states and Europe. They love being there and being away from the cold (most of the time) but most of all they enjoy visiting friends and family, and not doing it on any particular schedule.

Sad News: We offer our deepest condolences to Class Co-Representative Carolyn Summers Herrera and her family on the death of her husband, Chris, on June 15, following a long illness. Chris had been a member of the Class of 1955 .

2003 - 2002 - 2001 - 2000 - 1999

We are saddened to report the passing of our classmates

William Bach '21
Dr. Bernard Rousch '21
Arthur Rankin '19
Robert Brown '21
Bob Burness '20
Chike Dyott '20
Judy Mohr Macias '20
Rose McQuade Jarvis '19
Pat Staats Brucia '16
Bob Remski '18
Lucia Grant Dutton '15
Bill Sandie '18
Warren Wissemann '17
EleanorLiPetriBoyer '17
Charles Hensler '15
Fred Belec '16
Judith Kappeler '90
Bob Bosomworth '15
Elsie Miller Rietmann '14
Bob Meyer '14
Bill White '14
Al Raedle '14
Pat Payntar Jackson '14
Carol Dupont Dyott '14
Robert Gross ('95)
Joel Priger '14
AlbertaBlenjesPaskett '14
Janet Magnus Bailey '14
Elaine Burney Hazell '13,
who was from Class of '53
Ed Beck ('13)
Bernard Warshow ('10)
Elaine FerberFeldman'13
Bill Hieber ('02)
Gary Kehoe ('08)
Tony Kurdsjuk ('13)
James Beck ('10)
Charles Murphy ('12)
Pat Mracek ('12)
Irene Fischer Wylie ('10)
Lynn Meiselbach Benson
Herb Lavanhar
Betsy Marlow Doyle
George Hinck
Jean Ahlers Witzel
George Laeske
Jerome Messina
Joan Feeney
Toni Elling
Bill O'Connor
Bill Waples
David Hood
John Carlson
Roger Mansell
(Class of 1953)
Julia Liska Barbeisch, Suzanne Makofske Sipala,
Heather Brayshaw Senft
(2007), George Kuhlkin, and Florence Wright, and Joan Harwood Beckmann (Class of 53), wife of Dick Beckmann